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EP04 – Mother Died

Our 4th film is a tale of grief, strength and the undead. Neill Gorton makes his directorial debut with Sarah Winter in the lead role and a whole host of 'walkers' created by the Millennium FX team.
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EP01 – Lockup

The short film that started it all. Being alone at work can be creepy – but locking up on your own can be truly terrifying… Josh Burdett stars in Bloody Cuts first stab at horror film-making.

Who in the hell are Bloody Cuts?

Bloody Cuts is a series of short horror films, made for the love and passion of the genre.

The award winning Bloody Cuts series tore itself into being back in 2011, and has achieved international acclaim for it’s continuing frights, scares, spooks and all round short slices of terror.

Watch the films here.

Our objective is simple – To create a horror series, freely accessible online, made by a collective of talented individuals who are passionate about horror and entertaining an audience.

Our vision was to reimagine the classic anthology format, in a series of 13 short films that would broadly cover the wide gamut of the horror genre.

We’re currently in pre production for the next Bloody Cuts episode in the series, so please check back for updates on our short horror films. You can follow us on facebook and twitter for regular news and general horror goodness.

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