EP02 – Stitches

A suspenseful slice of short horror featuring Bethan Hanks as a babysitter unaware of the horror lurking in a dark house full of toys.

Directed by Ben Kent

Producer: Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton

Director of Photography: Jonny Franklin

Script by Joel Morgan, Ben Franklin, Ben Kent, Jonny Franklin

Cast and crew

A new take on a classic urban legend with Paul Ewen starring as the eponymous ‘Stitches’.

One of the goals in the series was always to go bigger and better, and “Stitches” was a big a jump for the team in a number of ways. For one the script was fully fleshed out and much more involved than “Lock Up”, thanks to the work of co-writer Joel Morgan, the teams newest recruit. Following the success of our previous film, we’d also managed to gain a sponsor, in the guise of Millennium FX.

The first demonstration of Millennium FX’s involvement was the design and application of the ‘Stitches’ character, by freelance makeup professional James Greenwood. A 3 hour prosthetics session brought our horrific character to life, as played by Paul Ewen, in addition to a fantastic costume design courtesy of core team member Charlotte Barrett. This film also saw the addition of Alex Purcell to the team in the sound and VFX department, and was Edited and Produced by Ben Franklin and Directed by Ben Kent.

Trivia: The film playing on the TV is the zombie classic “Night of the Living Dead”.

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