The Machine Stopped Working

In a far flung future, a crumbling band of survivors hang on to a perishing memory of a once great civilisation. Upon their ravaged world two scavengers hold on to a corroding faith, and hatch a plan to free all from this living hell. When their beliefs are met, with a rather unexpected resistance, they must fight extraterrestrial forces to fulfill their destiny.

Directed, Produced and Edited by: Anthony Melton & Ben Franklin

Cinematography by: Jonny Franklin

Written by: Joel Morgan

VFX by: Ryan Thompson

Cast: Paul Jibson, Tom Sawyer, Martin Skipper, Dominic Kinnaird, Kate Braithwaite

This is a remastered, re-edited, definitive version of ‘The Machine Stopped Working’ which contains an extra 90 seconds of brand new Material.

The original Sci-Fi Action Short was made entirely in just 48hours in April 2014, for the Sci-Fi London Film Challenge, and was a Top 10 Finalist.

This film was made by a lot of the Bloody Cuts crew, including costume designer Charlotte Barrett, Special FX producer Kate Walshe, and focus puller James Hills.

Trivia: Prop Store London donated many of the props and costumes for the film!

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