EP 13 – The Nest (Director’s Cut)

Directed, produced, written and edited by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton

Producer: Grant DeSimone

Director of Photography: Jonny Franklin

 “When Lilly decides to spy on her brother and his secret girlfriend, she discovers that the young couple are engaged in something much darker than infidelity…”

‘The Nest’ is a terrifying ‘found footage’ horror, directed, produced and written by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton. The film stars Imogen Gurney, Mei Bignall, Samuel Woodhams and monster performer Malik Ibheis (last seen in our film ‘Don’t Go Down to Wildor’). Lensed by long-time Bloody Cuts DP Jonny Franklin, this film again features amazing creature FX by Cliff Wallace and beautiful production design by BC newcomer Anna Mould. The film was originally commissioned by Snapchat, for exclusive viewing on mobile phones through their app, for release over Halloween 2018.

The Nest poster

One of the most exciting aspects for us as filmmakers, was that we were creating ‘The Nest’ to be included as an extension of the V/H/S franchise, which we’ve all been fans of since we attended its UK premiere at FrightFest back in 2012. Another unique part of the process was the required aspect ratio of the film: 9:16 vertical framing. In simple terms, we were shooting for mobile phone users who would be watching the film via the Snapchat app. This meant a whole new approach to our filmmaking, which was both challenging and exciting, especially when our story meant framing everything from our main characters POV.

Our original version of ‘The Nest’ was watched over 250k times on the platform, and we’re truly excited to finally be able to release the film through our own official channels, in the form of this brand new and extended ‘Director’s Cut’. Not only are we now showing the film in 4:3 (square) format, but the entire piece has been given an overhaul including new Visual FX (by Ryan Thompson) and Sound Design and Titles. And in this version we also pay tribute to one of the most famous and influential ‘found footage’ films of the 90’s… Can you guess what it is?

As always, a huge thanks to our marvelous cast and crew, and for Snapchat for the opportunity to release this unique beast on their mobile platform.

For more details on cast and crew visit: IMDB

And you can download Snapchat for your phone from here:

https://tinyurl.com/y6ps2822 (iOs)

https://tinyurl.com/y5dqoo94 (Android)


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