The Birch Season 02
The Birch Season 02

Bloody Cuts co-producing SE02 of The Birch for Facebook Watch

Over the last few months, a cold mist has been slowly rolling across the hushed grounds of BC Towers… However, deep inside the padded cell of lockdown we’ve been infernally busy as always, working behind the scenes on new and exciting projects. Most of those still remain under wraps, however we’re finally able to give you the first piece of big news…

We’re thrilled to announce that we (Anthony Melton, Ben Franklin and Cliff Wallace) are serving as Co-Producers on Season 2 of THE BIRCH, with CRYPT TV! Working alongside producers Jack Davis, Kate Krantz, Darren Brandl and Daniel Persitz, we’ll be helping to follow up a hugely successful first season with more terrifyingly brilliant horror.

Following the massive success of our Webby Award Winning short film back in 2016, CRYPT TV went on to produce a first season of THE BIRCH exclusively for FACEBOOK WATCH, and got an amazing response not only from their already dedicated fanbase, but also from a brand new audience worldwide.

You can watch Season 1 for free here:

As many of you know, we weren’t involved with the first season of the show, but when the team at Crypt TV reached out to us again, we took the opportunity to resume our creative relationship. We’re very happy with the process behind-the-scenes and all of us here at BC Towers are stoked for the future of The Birch.

In the production of the second series, Crypt TV is bringing back many of the creatives involved with the first, including lead Xaria Dotson, writer J. Casey Modderno and director John William Ross.

Crypt TV CCO Kate Krantz says; “Crypt is thrilled to revisit the world of THE BIRCH for a second season. Having the show on a platform like Facebook Watch uniquely creates a personalized fan experience where viewers build community, share fan art, theories and forge connections we hope to honor our fans excitement from season 1 as the story evolves… And making this season even more special is getting to work with Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton as producers to bring the special spark of the original short.”

There will be more news concerning season 2 of THE BIRCH once physical production begins post-lockdown in the US!

Already hungry, you fiends? Well, then please go ahead and lap up Season 1 on FACEBOOK WATCH and as ever, you’ll find all of our other films on including the original short horror that started it all…

Read more in this latest news piece from DEADLINE:

As ever, we appreciate your support and hope you’ll join us on this journey into the world of THE BIRCH once more!

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