The Outer Darkness on ALTER

‘The Outer Darkness’ rerelease series trailer – Only on ALTER

BLOODY CUTS have teamed up with ALTER to rerelease ‘The Outer Darkness’ in a new and exciting format. See the trailer below:

The 3-part series is released on 5 pm GMT 14th March 2019, so head on over to ALTER to check it out.

ALTER are doing fantastic things in the world of horror and Bloody Cuts are exceedingly pleased to be teaming up with them the bring ‘The Outer Darkness’ to a new and fresh audience of horror fans.

Everyone here at BC Towers is hoping to attract a wider audience and more support for ‘The Outer Darkness’, so we can finally continue the storyline we started a few years back.

If you’re already a fan of the story, then we thank you for the continued support and ask you to bear with us whilst we search for a way to envelop you in more of ‘The Outer Darkness’.

“It has a great plan for you all.”

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