Don't Move

EP08 – Don’t Move

Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’ and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces. Don’t Move.

Don’t Move Directed and Produced by: Anthony Melton

Edited and Produced by: Ben Franklin

Director of Photography: Jonny Franklin

Written by: David Scullion

Cast and crew

‘Don’t Move’ represents the directorial debut of Bloody Cuts producer Anthony Melton, and is our most popular film to date. A tense, disturbing and brutally bloody short – dare you watch to the end?

Developed as a challenge to create a horror script with little movement and hardly any dialogue, ‘Don’t Move’ crawled out of writer David Scullion’s twisted brain in 2010, where he promptly left it on a shelf to gather dust. When producer Ben Franklin discovered it two years later, the team quickly realised they’d found their Episode 8.

Funded by the fantastic generosity of horror-lovers all over the globe, the month-long Kickstarter campaign for ‘Don’t Move’ raised over £3000 and ensured our ambitious vision was able to be realized… in spectacular fashion!

Featuring the biggest cast, the most deaths, the heaviest visual FX and the largest crew to date, ‘Don’t Move’ was filmed over a weekend in an isolated holiday home in Norfolk, where over thirty people came together to make the bloodiest & tensest cut yet.

The shoot was so ‘messy’ that fake carpet had to be laid down and director Anthony Melton was forced to spend Monday morning cleaning blood off the walls…

‘Don’t Move’ once again uses the special effects make-up talents of Millennium FX, and stars an excellent cast that includes Rachel Bright (Eastenders), Ian Whyte (Game of Thrones, Prometheus) and Jake Hendricks (Hollyoaks).

Incidentally, director / producer Anthony Melton’s favourite horror film is Hellraiser and the demonic entity in ‘Don’t Move’ was designed & created by industry-legend Cliff Wallace… who actually worked on the original Hellraiser! An absolute honour.

Trivia: the voice of ‘Paul’ at the beginning of ‘Don’t Move’ isn’t actually voiced by actor Martin Skipper. This was added later by Ben Tillett, who is also the director, writer and ‘Narrator’ of Suckablood… Oh, and did you spot the Demon in the opening Steadicam Shot?


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