The Bloody Cuts series and in fact all of our films, have been made possible by the generous support of many affiliates and supporters over the years
We're currently looking for new partners to support our ongoing project, and help us continue the Bloody Cuts series.
If you are interested in supporting Bloody Cuts, then please get in touch with the producers Anthony Melton and Ben Franklin. Here are a few ways you can helps us to continue making short short tales of terror:
  • Episode Sponsorship
  • Donations
  • One-off Donations
  • Purchase Products
  • Web Advertising
  • Gear Loan or Donation
  • Press Advertising

Episode Sponsorship

An an ideal way to support Bloody Cuts is to come on board as the main sponsor for one of our films. There are many shapes this can take, but the cleanest way to do this is to provide the budget for the production in a one-off sponsorship. In return for your generosity we can offer a host of benefits such as:
  • Pre-Roll brand advertisement on all video content relating to the sponsored episode
  • Brand exposure on additional supporting content, including marketing materials and 'behind the scenes' video content
  • Dedicated, bespoke video and photo content
  • On-screen credits for individuals (e.g. Executive Producer)
  • Product placement (where applicable)
  • Exposure to our global online audience, building awareness for your brand
  • A warm feeling inside, knowing you're supporting independent cinema!
Sponsorship packages vary and can be designed bespoke to your needs, please get in touch to find out more.


If you like what we do and would love to see us create more horror, then any amount would be gratefully recieved. You can donate via PayPal (Links are in the sidebar to the right or below) Or get in touch, if you'd prefer to discuss other arrangements.

Quick One-off Donation

We've got a couple of suggested amounts within the shop, these can be put into your cart as a virtual product and will be transferred to us via Paypal once a payment is complete. Doing this will add you to our Contributors Hall of Fame on our website.

Purchase Products From The Shop

We often have high quality Limited Edition products available in the shop; all profits go back into the project, not pockets. Note: Prices are sometimes a little high on these products as we can only afford to produce low runs of each physical item.

Web Advertising

If you'd like to advertise on our website, then please drop us a line to discuss the placement options and rates.

Gear loan or donation

We are always in need of new gear, as we often loan or rent the gear out specifically for each shoot - so if you make wonderful equipment then please drop us a line.

Press Advertising

Do you have a blog or printed magazine? If so why not get in touch, as we love to team up with other content providers.