The Birch wins a Webby Award

Last year, Bloody Cuts teamed up with CryptTV to make our 10th short slice of horror: ‘The Birch’.

This year, ‘The Birch’ just won a webby, yes a birch’n WEBBY – Look here’s proof.

Ben and Anthony are over the moon with this win, and couldn’t be prouder of all of the team that helped summon The Birch into your dreams and nightmares.

Special thanks go to Cliff Wallace who brought the original story to light, as well as the practical effects magic which rose ‘The Birch’ from the earth; There would be no Birch without this lovely man.

Hats off to ALL of the cast and the crew, this is a win for all of us and we’re so stoked that this ‘People’s choice award for Drama’ recognises your work.

We’re indebted to Jonny Franklin for lensing this beast, his immense talents once again helping our vision become a reality.

And last and most definitely not least, further cheers, whoops and thanks go to everybody who voted for the Webby. You ‘The People’ have spoken and we love what you had to say. Cheers.

The Birch wins a Webby


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