Bloody Cuts UK screenings in October & November

As it’s the Halloween season, our films are yet again showing in a number of venues across the country. So if you fancy getting your eyeballs on some of our little terrors with a live audience (and maybe with us in attendance too!) then here’s an up-to-date list for you:

October 22nd – Spookport (screening ‘The Birch’, ‘The Outer Darkness’, ‘Don’t Move’ & ‘Deathly Presents’)

October 28th – Frightarama (screening ‘The Birch’)

October 29th – Bram Stoker International – (screening ‘The Birch’)

October 30th – Sunday Shorts (screening ‘The Birch’)

October 31st – Hackney Attic Film Festival (screening ‘The Birch’)

November 2nd – Sh!t my Shorts (screening ‘The Birch’ and ‘Suckablood’)

November 5th – Fear in the Fens (screening ‘The Birch’)

November 8th – Dartmouth Park Film Club – (screening ‘The Birch’ + Q&A)

November 15th – 20th (tbc) – Abertoir Horror Fest (screening ‘The Birch’)

We hope to see you there!

The Birch Official Festival Poster

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