When I heard that Scott Snyder was returning to the horror genre (following American Vampire, Severed and in some respects The Wake) I was excited to see what he had in store.

Fortunately he didn’t disappoint. Wytches Vol.1 is creepy and atmospheric, aided in a big way by the beautiful paint splattered artwork by Jock. The story mainly follows a troubled family who find themselves hunted by the dark things that creep in the woods, and is broken into the 6 parts it was originally published in.

It’s predictably dark but unusually moving; as the story in volume 1 draws to a close, secrets are revealed and sacrifices are made, in a terrifying turn of events that I genuinely didn’t see coming.

So as you can tell, I enjoyed this book a lot and can’t recommend it highly enough – there’s a lovely gothic tone, and certain design choices have been made that presents a horror genre regular (witches), in a very unique and terrifying way.

Please check out the first official recommendation from Bloody Cuts and let us know what you think in the comments box below!

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Wytches - Volume 01
5.0Overall Score
Writing ‘Constantly surprising’
Artwork - ‘Gritty and glorious'
Colours - ‘Splattered beauty'
Reader Rating 1 Vote