We’ve been a bit hectic of late over at BC Towers, but I felt compelled to take a break from my mallevolent schemes to give a Watch Out! to this fantastic short thriller – A Film by Vera Vaughn.

Inventive, beautiful to look at, well shot, well performed, well written and well directed. Well good.

In this ghost story for the digital age, filmmaker Vera Vaughn works late into the night, editing her psychological thriller about a woman jeopardized by a mysterious home intruder. But when she’s interrupted by a knock at the door, Vera’s world takes a frightening turn toward the surreal as life threatens to imitate art – or is it the other way around…?

The film has been realeased today and features on Short of the Week, and in our opinion rightly so.

This is a fantastic piece of work that I urge you to check out immediately.

A huge bravo and bloody high five to director Sorrel Brae from all of us here at team BC.