Watch Out! Time Bandits

Time Bandits

Kevin is a young boy who comes to suspect that something is going on in his bedroom when a Knight in full armour and on horseback bursts through his wardrobe do...

Dragonslayer (1981)

Dragonslayer is fantasy film set in 6th century Ireland and begins with a group of villagers approaching the castle of Craggenmoor in search of the wizard Ulric...
The Hunger

The Hunger (1981)

'The Hunger' has to be without a doubt my favourite Vampire film of all time . I use that phrase uniquely. This film is near perfection.
The Colour out of Space

The Colour out of Space

This is one of Lovecraft’s best tales. It has a simple thread, small cast and minimalistic locations and they all merge to form a sumptuous, intimate and frightening tale.