Bloody Cuts is an ongoing anthology of short horror films presented online as a free web series for the love and passion of horror filmmaking.

The series inception came mid-2011, when Norfolk filmmakers Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton and Jonny Franklin banded together to form what would eventually become Bloody Cuts.

The idea was simple – to create a horror series, freely accessible online, that would be made by a collective of talented individuals. Their vision was to reimagine the classic anthology format, in a series of 13 short films that would broadly cover the horror genre spectrum.

Anthony set to task, designing the brand, website and digital collateral to bring the series to life, whilst Ben and Jonny filmed the pilot episode (‘Lock Up‘, directed by Ben Kent). With a warm reception to the first episode in the series, and with the help of crowd supported funding, the team followed up with a succession of popular shorts. These included the award winning ‘Suckablood’ (directed by Ben Tillett & Jake Cuddihy) which also received a Vimeo Staff Pick, ‘Dead Man’s Lake’ (selected as ‘short of the year 2013 on Film School Rejects) and ‘Don’t Move’ (directed by Anthony Melton) which has received over 1,000,000 views online.

With an ever-growing fan-base, Anthony and Ben have worked together over the past 5 years to produce 14 short films, and a host of additional content, including a Bloody Cuts Blu-ray that sold out almost instantly.

Bloody Cuts has been made possible due to a number of talented individuals, who have worked as part of the team over the past few years, and have given their time and efforts into helping to bring the stories to life. The series has also been possible in a big way thanks to Ben and Jonny’s extended family, including numerous parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles; the BBC even covered their story in 2012! Early success also saw actor/broadcaster Stephen Fry aid the production, with a generous donation that helped to fund further films.

Late 2013 saw the launch of BC Horror Challenge, a popular film competition that ran for 6 months, and featured an ensemble of famous film judges including Joe Dante and the Soska Sisters. Ryan Thompson won with his 3 minute scarefest ‘Play Time’, and received almost $15,000 in prizes. Other films made for the challenge have gone onto become feature films, and collectively the competition reached audiences of over 30,000,000 worldwide.

You can watch winning entries here, and our own example film ‘Dare’ (directed by Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton), a POV haunted house walkthrough.

Bloody Cuts has been possible thanks to a number of fantastic sponsors including Take Two, who’ve supplied cameras and lighting to our DOP Jonny, as well Carey Dodd Associates, who have generously helped us to cast films over the past few years. We’ve also worked regularly with well known colorist Patrick Inhofer, with our films being used as training material for his online (and in-class) students.

Early on, the team had the honour of working with Millennium FX who brought their special effects talents to the fold, helping us to create monsters such as the creepy ‘Suckablood’ (played by Robin Berry) and the unsettling ‘Stitches the clown’ (played by Paul Ewen). And with the added talents of Kate Walshe and Karen Spencer (SFX Producers) and Chris Goodman (Art Director), the series went from strength to strength.

We’ve also had the pleasure of working with talented freelance special FX artists such as James Greenwood (‘Dead Man’s Lake’, ‘The Outer Darkness’), Cliff Wallace (‘Don’t Move’) and Dan Frye (‘Deathly Presents’).

In 2015, the team released ‘The Outer Darkness – Part 1’ (directed by Ben Franklin & Anthony Melton) a terrifying 25 minute pilot show that was written by Bloody Cuts regular Joel Morgan (who also wrote/directed ‘Death Scenes’ in 2013). The film was the most ambitious project that they’d undertaken at the time, and was sponsored by Kessler Crane. As part of the partnership, Ben and Anthony produced a series of ‘making of’ episodes entitled ‘From Script to Scream’ detailing the process of bringing a short film to life for an online audience. ‘The Outer Darkness’ played a number of festivals worldwide, including Shriekfest LA, and is one the best reviewed films the team have made to date.

The feature packed limited edition Blu-Ray can be purchased from our shop.

In 2014 Bloody Cuts closed its doors… However like any good slasher character, in late 2015 we came back from the dead, stronger and more determined to unleash new cutting-edge horror on an unsuspecting audience. With this came our festive film (and episode 9 in the series): ‘Deathly Presents’ (directed by Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton), and made thanks to the generosity of our sponsor RODE Microphones.

As Bloody Cuts enters a new dawn, Anthony and Ben have many nefarious plans underway, including more shorts, features and television shows. We’re always looking for new sponsors and avenues to explore, so if you’re a true horror fan and feel that Bloody Cuts will be right down your Elm Street; please get in touch and help us to make the dread unfold…